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Viraj Balgobind viraj at balgobind.com
Wed May 27 05:19:34 EDT 2020

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for helping me out!
Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was the following:

I got a NGCP server with the following sip domain: dev.ngcp.eu with IP address of :
When I place a outbound call to 4455544666 the SIP Peer  the from URI is : <sip:4455544666 at dev.ngcp.eu> But the domain part I not accepted by my SIP peer, because it requires a IP address instead of my sip domain. So the fom URI needs to be: <sip:4455544666 at>


How can I change the header of NGCP? When I change the setting in the peer it does not work.

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did you set the hostname field in your peering server configuration?
Just remove the hostname field "dev.ngcp.eu" and leave only the IP address field.


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On 5/27/20 7:54 AM, Viraj Balgobind wrote:
> Dear,
> I would like to change the SIP URI from my peer. My peer is using IP 
> authentication and when I send the SIP URI it is in de follwoing format:
> <sip:4455544666 at dev.ngcp.eu> and it needs to be sent to the peer in 
> the following format: <sip:4455544666 at>
> How can I change that within the 7.5 release?
> Kind regards!

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