[Spce-user] Info on NGCP web panel

Alessio Garzi gun10137 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 06:17:46 EST 2020

Hello Mailing List,

today I found an issue that may be of your interest on NGCP web panel.

Clicking on Tools->Call routing verification there is a little form to
debug call routing and rewrites.

The first 2 fields ( Caller/Callee Number/uri and  are mandatory) and
accordingly to their description they shoud expect a number or a sip uri.

If i use a SIP URI with a point (.) inside its user part, the form gives me
this error in red :

 Must be either a number or user at domain format.

In my test I tried with

j.chisci at c5.ozzyboshi.com

but it could be anything with a point

For what i Know j.chisci at c5.ozzyboshi.com is a valid sip scheme, maybe
there is a problem with the regexp used against the input string?

Thanks in advance for your help

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