[Spce-user] End of support of mr5.5 LTS

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Tue Nov 3 05:17:33 EST 2020

Hi Jon,

Yes, you are right. We are actively searching for a new
technical writer (c) we are hiring! It is a necessary
step to improve the public documentation and release notes.

At the moment we like Firefox release notes approach:
sure better ideas are welcome!

Stay tuned!

On 11/3/20 10:42 AM, Jon Bonilla (Manwe) wrote:
> El Tue, 3 Nov 2020 09:42:47 +0100
> Manuel Montecelo <mmontecelo at sipwise.com> escribió:
>> Hi all:
>> With the release of Sipwise C5 mr5.5.13 last week (link to the announcement
>> below), mr5.5 LTS as a whole becomes unsupported and deprecated.
>> Please upgrade your mr5.5* to mr6.5* LTS at least, or even better to releases
>> mr7.5* or mr8.5* that are also LTS and will be supported for much longer.
> Hi Manuel
> As many people only upgrade from LTS to LTS, it would be very useful if
> Sipwise could provide a "what's new" or "Changes" list between LTS versions.
> Otherwise you need to check in the blog version by version and changelog by
> changelog to track that.  

Alex Lutay

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