[Spce-user] Editing billing fees through SQL directly

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Mon Nov 30 09:42:55 EST 2020

I would recommend you to look into the API documentation.

Via API you can modify your billing Profiles und Fees.




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Betreff: [Spce-user] Editing billing fees through SQL directly


If one wants to edit billing fees not through GUI, but directly in
MySQL... I mean change for example Onpeak init rate on existing fee,
not creating a new one.

Is it matter of "billing_fees" or "billing_fees_history" table. Or both?

Or when I change billing_fees table, billing_fees_history updates
myself and keeps new values and historical too? And it should be the
right path...?


J. George P.

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