[Spce-user] mr8.5.1 grafana view problem (kam_concurrent_calls) after kamailio inbound timeout

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Thu Oct 1 12:57:17 EDT 2020



i found out a funny bug today:


We had yesterday night a short high load peak, and after this high load peak
where kamailio got an 1 minute inbound timeout my Grafana diagram shows me
more concurrent calls as exist on the server.

The view is generated with this:


SELECT "kam_concurrent_calls" FROM "autogen"."kamailio" WHERE $timeFilter
GROUP BY "host"


SELECT "kam_usrloc_regusers" FROM "kamailio" WHERE $timeFilter


Is around 30% higher registered users like are registered.

It looks like somewhere in the DB (redis?) are some ghost entries, which
fake the “kam_concurrent_calls” and the “kam_usrloc_regusers” value I see
via Grafana.


The “kam_dialog_active” is showing the true value. It is just concurrent
calls and usrloc_regusers which are much higher then in reality.


If I do:

# redis-cli -n 4 keys \*


There are just the active dialogs shown in the right value, but I can’t find
where I found the kam values and how I can reset them?


# redis-cli -n 3 FLUSHDB


Could this be a solution for this?



Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Matthias Hohl


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