[Spce-user] VSC CALL FORWARD SPCE 7.5.5

Marcos Gil mggcti at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 06:55:49 EDT 2020

Hello, I am testing the activation of call forward in sip: provider CE -
7.5.5 with VSC but it does not work for me, I have followed the following
   - Enable VSC (config.yml).
   - Rewrite Rule, Eg: 0999999999 - 34999999999
   - Ncos: none
   - Test: * 72 * 0999999999

When I dial the sequence * 72 * 0999999999, I immediately make a call to
the number 999999999 but I want to activate a cfu via phone to the
destination 999999999 to later disable it with # 72.What steps would I have
to follow to be able to activate and deactivate call forward via telephone?

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