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in CDR it is written in CENTS with 6 decimal points. 

In the SPCE GUI Call List / Invoice it is in EUR or USD or whatever your currency is.


So Call List Costs of 0.50 EURO means 50.000000 EUROCENT in cdr.


I hope this will help you 😊


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Thanks, it worked perfectly.
Something I noticed and that in the call histori field of subscribes the cost field is calculating wrong seems to be dividing the value by 100.
I have the following value in cdr 60.000000 and cost is showing 0.60
The same occurs in the invoice.
How do I correct this behavior?


Em qua., 14 de out. de 2020 às 13:46, Walter Klomp <walter at myrepublic.net <mailto:walter at myrepublic.net> > escreveu:

The init rate and follow rate is in cents per second. 

The interval is the number of seconds between the next.  


So in your example. 1 minute is charged 60 cents.  90 seconds is charged as 120 cents. 


In your 30/6 example for the first 30 seconds you charge 30 cents.  Then for every 6 seconds or part thereof you add 6 cents. 



On Thu, 15 Oct 2020 at 00:35, Diego Ramos <diego.ramos1 at gmail.com <mailto:diego.ramos1 at gmail.com> > wrote:



I am setting up the billing profile, with the following values:

Onpeak init rate: 1
Onpeak init interval: 60
Onpeak follow rate: 1
Onpeak follow interval: 60

And I set up a subscriber with this billing profile.

I believe that for a 60/60 charge if I speak 30 seconds he should charge 1, if I speak 1 minute and 10 seconds he will charge 2, but for calls of less than 60 seconds he will charge 0.60.
Is this behavior due to some incorrect configuration?
How is it calculated to arrive at the final value?

I did the test with rates 30/6 and the typing came incorrect.

Onpeak init rate: 1
Onpeak init interval: 30
Onpeak follow rate: 1
Onpeak follow interval: 6

When speaking 15 seconds he did not charge 1 as expected for the first block.
Onpeak init interval: 30

I'm using version c5 ce mr8.4.1


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