[Spce-user] release news gone from the web page?

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Sun Oct 18 07:41:40 EDT 2020

Hi William,

We are in a process of merging sipwise.com and sipwise.org
to provide the best quality service for both commercial and
community team members.

You are correct, the new location for release notes and changelogs is
and https://www.sipwise.com/spce/blog/

We have prepared the redirection from the old URLs to the new location
but for some reason they didn't work as expected.
It will be corrected.

Thank you for reporting it here!

On 10/17/20 7:34 PM, William Fulton wrote:
> Jon,
> I found the SPCE docs here:
> https://www.sipwise.com/spce/documentation/
> Not sure about the changelogs.
> Thanks,
> Bill
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> Subject: [Spce-user] release news gone from the web page?
> Hi all
> I can't find the new release posts any more. The links redirect you to sipwise.com. 
> Also sipwise.org redirects now to sipwise.com
> Is there a way to get to those posts? I usually check the changelog pdf from there.
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Alex Lutay

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