[Spce-user] New mr10.1.1 setup config issues

scramatte scramatte at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 15:32:19 EST 2021


I've just install a new fresh SPCE MR10.1.1

I've been able to register an user with Blink  softphone and place outbound
call to PSTN.
But I'm unable to receive any call.  When I take a look to  ngcp-proxy.log,
I've seen that number is income from peering and match incoming rules and
find subscriber but never deliver the call ...

Another very strange thing ... Blink softphone register properly but
Yealink T27  never and including blacklist the subscriber.

With previous Spce MR (7~) these settings was working well.

Any idea of what occurs.
What I've missed ?

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