[Spce-user] ce 10.2.1 (and 10.1.1) not able to import more than 1 billing fee

speschko at gmail.com speschko at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 03:14:17 EST 2021

I have been configuring a SIPWISE CE over the past couple of weeks and have
now run into a snag after initially updating to 10.1.1-9 and now doing a
complete reinstall of the newest 10.2.1, I no longer have the ability to
import my billing fees. It imports only the first line in the file and just
comes back with the message that "billing fee successfully uploaded" and
shows that only the first line of the fees was imported. This was working
before with the same files and I also tried generating a couple of fees,
exporting them and then trying to import them again and the same thing only
the first line of the billing fee csv file is imported.


Has anyone else had this issue? I am stumped and wonder how to get this
working again.





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