[Spce-user] Freeside x sip:provider / new issue.

Dhaniels Nieto dhanielsnieto at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 08:18:12 EST 2021

Hello Community.
A Few years ago i've shared the freeside billing x sipwise integration.
Including CDR usage on invoices, and was working perfect. but today we're
confronting a problem.
and i don't know if this happened after the upgrade that i did to 9.1.1.

But, I've created a reseller/contact/contract/ and domain for that reseller.
I can provision customers. but for unprovision i'm getting the following

*'contact_id', reseller doesn't match billing profile reseller.*

Any idea of what it could be?

note: it deletes de subscriber but not the customer, and if i manually
delete the customer the unprovision works.


*Dhaniels Nieto*

*+58 424 5341433+58 412 5107176+1 787 7108591*
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