[Spce-user] Change rtp setid

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) manwe at sipdoc.net
Mon Jul 12 13:11:27 EDT 2021

Hi all

Ce version

I'm trying to use an external rtpengine server for some calls and keep the
internal for other calls. I've patches the kamailio-proxy configuration to set
two rtpengine servers:

# ngcp-kamcmd proxy rtpengine.show all
        url: udp:
        set: 1
        index: 0
        weight: 1
        disabled: 0
        recheck_ticks: 0
        url: udp:AA.AA.AA.AA:2223
        set: 2
        index: 1
        weight: 1
        disabled: 0
        recheck_ticks: 0

I've changed the set_rtpengine_set calls to use custom avps I load from custom
preferences for caller and callee. For example:

-  set_rtpengine_set("$(avp(s:lbrtp_dispatcher_id_caller){s.int})");
+  set_rtpengine_set("$avp(s:custom_caller_rtp_group)");

I check in the xlogs that the right group is called:

INFO: <script>: Use rtpengine for forward direction for IPv4/IPv4 - 

INFO: <script>:  ---- SET 2 - 

INFO: <script>: Remove existing ICE candidates (if any) for callee -

INFO: <script>: Try protocol 'transparent' for callee - 

INFO: <script>: Use rtcp-mux-demux for callee -

INFO: <script>: Engaging rtpengine in request for caller did '«50»' and callee
did '«50»' - 

INFO: <script>: rtpp_flags:[replace-origin
replace-session-connection via-branch=1 strict-source label=caller
xmlrpc-callback= address-family=IP4 ICE=remove
transport-protocol=$var(callee_transport_protocol) rtcp-mux-demux ] - 

DEBUG: rtpengine [rtpengine.c:3028]: select_rtpp_node_old(): rtpengine hash
table lookup failed to find node for calllen=46 

DEBUG: rtpengine [rtpengine.c:2621]:
rtpp_function_call(): rtpengine hash table insert node=udp: for

although it says it's setting group2 it calls the internal rtpengine. I see the
rr param set to 2 also, in the answer it says it recovers group2... but it
calls the internal server.

Any hints? Thank you

PekePBX, the multitenant PBX solution
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