[Spce-user] RTPproxy bypass after no ACK from user

qabane me qabaneitsolutions at gmail.com
Fri May 28 04:35:10 EDT 2021


I have a case with a user whose PBX regularly does not send and ACK to our
OK (following their invite). This they need to fix but I have observed a
possibly issue there.

Following the invite from the user, the normal sequence of events happens,
until the call is answered upon which we send the 200 OK. In that 200 OK
the sipwise IP is given for media. This is followed by 2 of the same 200
OKs - and then another 200 OK in which all of a sudden the sipwise is no
longer the IP given for RTP but rather the ip from the upstream server.
This one is ACKed by the client and media now flows between upstream and
the client directly. However, that's problematic as the client is behind

Is this expected behaviour for Sipwise to change the media ip in an OK like
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