[Spce-user] Is there a new allowed_cli behaviour in mr8.5.x and newer version?

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Tue Oct 5 20:01:20 EDT 2021



i played around today with an subscriber and found out, that I can send a
UPN also if this number is not in allowed_clis list.


My Test:

I added a number as alias number (43 1 234) to a subscriber and in the
allowed_cli list I delete this entry. (auto_allow_cli is enabled so I have
to manually deleted it).

If I try now an outbound call with UPN 43 1 2345678 this number will be
accepted and used as UPN.

If I remove the alias number from the subscriber, the network provided
number will be used.


I am not sure right now, if this is a bug or if this is wanted, cause in
handbook is written, that the UPN is always checked against the allowed_cli,
but it looks like, it firstly do a partial match check against the primary
and alias number and if there is a match, the number is allowed for UPN.

So allowed_cli or better auto_allow_cli is not needed anymore if the number
is already part of the primary or alias number. So allowed_cli is more for
additional outbound numbers, which are not part of the primary or alias
number of the subscriber.


*	For outgoing calls, you may define multiple numbers or patterns to
control what a subscriber is allowed to send as user-provided calling
numbers using the allowed_clis preference.
*	If allowed_clis does not match the number sent by the subscriber,
then the number configured in cli (the network-provided number) preference
will be used as user-provided calling number instead.


If this legit, the handbook should be extended with the above information,
that it is enough that the number is in primary and/or alias number and
allowed_cli will be checked after checking the numbers in primary/alias of
the subscriber.

As far I can remember in previous versions, this works now different. Right?


Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Matthias Hohl


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