[Spce-user] Re-2: Asterisk on C5 via TLS/SIPS/SRTP

hp at grohcs.de hp at grohcs.de
Wed Sep 1 01:15:57 EDT 2021

Hi Alex,

unfortunately this does not help me in the current situation, because I'm not able to update the C5 from my side.

But I need, as I said, a best-practice configuration for both sides to go from there.

Don't you have best practice configurations for common PBX systems that are connected to C5 trunks? Or does every trunk provider have to painstakingly create this themselves, i.e. reinvent the wheel?

Please let me know.

Best Regards,

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Subject: Re: [Spce-user] Asterisk on C5 via TLS/SIPS/SRTP (31-Aug-2021 9:51)
From:    Alex Lutay via Spce-user <spce-user at lists.sipwise.com>
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> Hi HP,
> I recommend you to check modern mr9.5 LTS.
> there were some SRTP fixes the last year for mr9.x scope.
> Most of them have been backported to all supported LTS,
> but for sure all of them are part of the latest mr9.5 LTS.
> I hope community will assist you further with faxes on CE.
> Just in case PRO system has built-in FAX solution
> and Sipwise Ops team will help you there with pleasure!
> Crazy things like FAX transcoding is also possible on NGCP,
> you can find more details here:
> > https://www.sipwise.com/doc/mr9.5.1/sppro/pro/mr9.5.1/advancedconfiguration/
> > advancedconfiguration.html#faxserver
> Enjoy Sipwise NGCP!
> On 8/31/21 8:44 AM, hp at grohcs.de wrote:
> > Hi Community,
> > 
> > Can you tell me a working configuration to connect an Asterisk (18.5.1) 
> > with registration via TLS/SIPS/SRTP as client to a C5 (7.x)?
> > 
> > Unfortunately we have lots of problems like noise (SRTP not decrypted) or 
> > faxes not going through, depending on the configuration of the Asterisk.
> > 
> > So I am looking for a best practice to go from there.
> > 
> > I would need the configs for both sides.
> > 
> > Best Regards,
> > HP
> > 
> > 
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> Alex Lutay
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