[Spce-user] RTPENGINE : Windows Azure installation

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Tue Sep 7 12:28:58 EDT 2021

Hi Youssef,

The short answer: it depends.

In depends on the load, type of traffic, type of features you are
planning to use (e.g. transcoding, recording, loglevel, etc).

Nothing extraordinary comparing to the real hardware.
The best networking card is the key to success with RTPengine in kernel 
mode, the CPU power is important for RTPengine in user space mode.

Sipwise is playing with MS Azure for Sipwise PRO system right now.
Please contact Sipwise sales team if you have an interest in high 
availability on MS Azure.

Please keep us posted about your experience in MS Azure!

On 9/7/21 4:39 PM, [ EXT ] Youssef Boujraf wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am looking to host the RTPEngine to Azure.
> Is there any specifications ( size of server, Memory, HDD, network, 
> firewall) to take into account ?
> Thanks in advance for your support.
> Best Regards,

Alex Lutay

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