[Spce-user] help needed please rateomat sends mail every minute 0 ok ok

Michael Prokop mprokop at sipwise.com
Thu Sep 2 05:35:11 EDT 2021


* [EXT ] David | csr-online SPAIN [Wed Sep 01, 2021 at 08:05:30PM +0000]:

> Hello guys today our sipwise sends every minute:
> Subject: Cron <root at sbc1eu> cd /usr/local/bin && ./testrateomat
> Body: 0 ok ok

> Its seems works all fine, any help please?????

Are you sure this isn't a custom cronjob from yours? (I'm not aware
of any such cronjob on NGCP.)

Furthermore, you don't provide any information what version of NGCP
you're actually running.

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