[Spce-user] 9.5.1 - In V2 GUI Reseller Branding not working

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Mon Sep 27 12:23:39 EDT 2021

Hi Jiri,

Can you please share the error message you see on your side?

I have just tested the latest CE mr9.5.1 on my side and colours + logo 
can be changed on CSC from Admin UI without any errors.

Just to make sure we are using the same versions:

> ii  ngcp-admin-ui
> ii  ngcp-csc-ui  
> ii  ngcp-panel   
> ii  ngcp-panel-tools
> ii  ngcp-templates-ce

Please also share the strict steps to reproduce your issue.
Thank you!

On 9/27/21 2:36 PM, [ EXT ] Jiri Ptacnik wrote:
> When you try to change Reseller Branding i V2 GUI, it throws error.
> When switched back to V1, it works.

Alex Lutay

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