[Spce-user] CE mr10.2.1.1 Invoice Template not able to edit

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Wed Apr 20 09:06:38 EDT 2022

Dear Sebastian,

The described issue for new WEB interface (v2) has been fixed and
hotfixed for package ngcp-admin-ui version

The "Old Admin Panel" v1 works well, but most probably you are
confused by "Layers" (see the button "Layers" on the right edge).
The layer "Background" is active by default. You need to switch to
the layer "Summary" to edit/move elements on the top of the page.

A bit late reply, but good to share it with community for the history. 
Thank you for reporting the issue on v2!

On 12/30/21 18:10, Sebastian Peschko wrote:
> Using I am trying to edit the invoice template and the screen 
> shows up just in simple grey with no content. When switching back to the 
> "Old Admin Panel" the invoice details become visable but only some of 
> the fields are actually "editable" and none of the standard texts can be 
> edited. Am I missing something here?

Alex Lutay

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