[Spce-user] Error user sipwise during upgrade mr9.4.1 to mr9.5.4

Mykola Malkov mmalkov at sipwise.com
Mon Apr 18 04:44:04 EDT 2022

Hi Hello!I have a problem upgrading from mr9.4.1 to 9.5.4 .. I get sipwise user home directory error. The problem is that such user on system 9.4.1 does not exist. The log says the home directory is on ~ sipwise but it doesn't actually exist .. I tried to create the user with useradd sipwise --home / ngcp-data / home / sipwise The upgrade was successful, is the procedure correct? WARNING: Home of user sipwise not the new canonical '/ngcp-data/home/sipwise'         but also not the old canonical '/var/sipwise',         the current home was detected as: '~sipwise'          Please move by hand the current home to '/ngcp-data/home/sipwise',         you can try with:            # make a backup of the current home, for example:           cp -av ~sipwise '/ngcp-data/backup/ngcp-upgrade/ngcp-mr9.4.1-mr9.5.4//home-of-user-sipwise'          and then            mkdir -v --parents /ngcp-data/home/ && usermod --move-home --home /ngcp-data/home/sipwise sipwise          or            mkdir -v --parents /ngcp-data/home/ && mv -v ~sipwise /ngcp-data/home/sipwise           # ... and then edit /etc/passwd to change home of user sipwise by handThe user "sipwise" along with "cdrexport" and "ngcp-backup" are created during the NGCP installation so should exist on the system. Please check ngcp-installer.log why it wasn't created.
Creating it manually is ok as a workaround but better to find the real reason, maybe there are other problems.

Mykola Malkov
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