[Spce-user] A/B upgrade schema, how to keep custom installed software

Mykola Malkov mmalkov at sipwise.com
Fri Apr 29 05:36:48 EDT 2022

Hi HenkHi all,

I just upgraded to mr9.5.4 and noticed that the A/B upgrade schema takes
a lot of extra work to reinstall all software that disappears when
upgrading. For example I'm using letsencrypt; fail2ban and ipset
(ipset-blacklist), which is very useful to block unwanted scanners.

Is there an easy way to keep those extra programs?

Also it would be nice to have some documentation on how to rollback the
system to a previous version.


Henk Plessius

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http://lists.sipwise.com/mailman/listinfo/spce-user_lists.sipwise.comAs it was aleady mentioned in this thread - all files which are needed after upgrade should be placed to shared storage. Not necessarily /etc/ngcp-config, it can be any home directory as /home is a link to shared storage.
Regarding additional software - there is no such functionality out of the box yet.
Rollback procedure is still in developing phase but definitely will be added.

Mykola Malkov
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