[Spce-user] "ngcp-kamctl proxy fifo ul.dump" not working anymore in Sipwise CE mr10.5.1 and mr10.4.1

Thomas Schlien ts at ferncast.de
Tue Aug 30 11:02:50 EDT 2022


I use the command `ngcp-kamctl proxy fifo ul.dump` to get the list of 
subscribers, but this seems to not work anymore in Sipwise-CE mr10.5.1 
and mr10.4.1. I have one system still running on CE mr10.1.1 where it 
still works by returning a full list of subscribers. On mr10.5.1 and 
mr10.4.1 I only get this empty list:

   "Domains": [
       "Domain": {
         "Domain": "location",
         "Size": 1024,
         "AoRs": [],
         "Stats": {
           "Records": 0,
           "Max-Slots": 0

I know that I can get the list registered subscribers via the REST API, 
but the above command is much faster in my case. Is this command 
switched off on purpose in the newer versions?

Best regards,

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schlien
Ferncast GmbH
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