[Spce-user] Dispatcher crashing the LB

Andy Clark andyclark05251978 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 14:21:27 EST 2022

I have installed SIPWISE 8.5.9 then updated it. Install is very basic. I
would like to run dispatcher but can’t seem to see how to enable except by
modifying the Kamailio.cfg by add: probing and interval. When modifying the
LB Kamailio config with the two above, it’s crashing the Proxy.

To reproduce it:

1. Add those to settings (interval & interval) on the Kamailio LB config

2. Changes on config.yml: firewall - yes, relay calls between peers - yes,
ssh added an additional IP, firewall rules4 - added range of IP.

3. No modifications on the dispatcher.tt2 file


How should I be enabling dispatcher:

1. Should I be enabling by modifying the config.yml?
2. What is the correct way?

Thank you
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