[Spce-user] STIR/SHAKEN config.yml sample config?

William Fulton wfulton at thirdhatch.com
Mon Jun 20 12:58:43 EDT 2022

I've used the validation tool Victor provided and it validates like this:
    name: xxx.xxx.com
    private_key: /var/ngcp-config/ssl/stagingPrivShakenKey-prv10.pem

However, when I try to apply the config I still get the error "found character that cannot start any token".

I'm really up against a wall and a deadline here. I need to get this working quickly and am happy to pay for support.

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On 6/17/22 21:51, William Fulton wrote:
> Here is what I currently have and it keeps complaining that it has 
> detected a character than cannot start any token. This would be the 
> locations right before “- name”
> stir:
>        cache_dir: /var/cache/kamailio/stir/
>        cache_expire: 3600
>        domains:
>          - name: xxx.xxx.com
>          private_key: 
> /var/ngcp-config/ssl/stagingPrivShakenKey-prv10.pem
>        enable: yes
>        expire: 300
>        libopt: []

Try to validate your YAML file with some tool, for instance[0].

In this last paste, I detect that private_key is not well indented. name and private_key must be in the same level

   - name: whatever
     private_key: whatever

[0] http://www.yamllint.com/

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