[Spce-user] API: how to get force_inbound_calls_to_peer subscribers

Rene Krenn rkrenn at sipwise.com
Tue Jun 28 05:25:18 EDT 2022

Hi, the api does not support that explicit type of filtering for
preferences, would be way to slow.

Please use the Subcriber&Contract exporter instead:

perl /usr/share/perl5/NGCP/BulkProcessor/Projects/ETL/Customer/process.pl

you can control waht to include in the export in the yml files 


You can export a sqlite db (which you can easily filter for your preference
values), which you can define via


Or you can export a stream of json graph for eg. apache kafka, which you can
control via


br, rene

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how can i get all subscribers which have


I tried:HTTP::Request->new('GET',

But it does not return the expected results. Should my GET URL be different?

However, this search example seems to work:
 HTTP::Request->new('GET', "$sipwise_uri/api/customers/?external_id=$no");

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


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