[Spce-user] How to switch to Prometheus backend?

Henk henkpls at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 30 09:37:49 EDT 2022

Thank you, I don't care about old values, so this is fine for me.


On 30-Jun-22 14:23, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Hi!
> On Wed, 2022-06-29 at 21:48:58 +0200, Henk wrote:
>> I have a recently installed a system with mr 9.5.4 which runs the new
>> Prometheus backend, but an older system I upgraded to the same version is
>> still running the old one. I cannot find an update script or any instruction
>> in the manual, only the backend and Influxdb_migrated settings.
> Hmm, right, the initial intention was to try to provide some migration
> script, but migrating the metrics data is very hard and rather
> infeasible, given that InfluxDB can store non-numbers as values, while
> prometheus cannot, and those would need to be mapped one-by-one somehow
> into labels, which can be very tedious (if possible at all). The
> resulting script ended up being trivial as it consisted of just changing
> a config option, so we stopped installing it.
>> What is the procedure to migrate to Prometheus?
> Taking into account that the metrics data will not be migrated, doing:
>    # ngcpcfg set /etc/ngcp-config/config.yml monitoring.backend=prometheus
>    # ngcpcfg apply "Migrate to prometheus as backend"
> would switch the monitoring backend. The «influxdb_migrated» settings
> controls whether the InfluxDB daemon will still run, in case you want
> to query its historical metrics. If you do not care about those (at
> least for now), you can set that to «yes» (you can always set it back
> to «no» as long as you have not removed the InfluxDB database if you
> need to access those old metrics again).
> I'll add some notes into the handbook, along the above lines.
> Thanks,
> Guillem
> .

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