[Spce-user] Cisco CUBE and Sipwise: Cannot make outbound calls through Trunk

gregch at usip.ca gregch at usip.ca
Tue Mar 15 16:28:50 EDT 2022

Sipwise 5.5.9

CUBE-Version : 11.5.2

SW-Version : 15.7.3.M8, Platform CISCO2911/K9




CUCM ------ Cisco CUBE ------(Firewall) ------ (Firewall) ------ SIPWISE
(through trunking.PSTN) ------ (Firewall) ------- PSTN (peer)


Three domains on SIPWISE

*	Default (peers)
*	residential.PSTN
*	trunking.PSTN


Have a problem of CUBE not being about to dial out to PSTN through SIPWISE


Working calls:

*	from CUCM  -> CUBE to Subscriber number on trunking.PSTN domain
*	from CUCM -> CUBE to Subscriber number on residential.PSTN domain
*	from PSTN incoming to CUCM through CUBE


Not working calls

*	from CUCM -> CUBE to +14165551212(example) PSTN number (that is not
registered with any domain in SIPWISE)


Have other two trunks to Asterix PBXs and they are working fine for in/out
calls but somehow cannot make this work with Cisco CUBE and SIPWISE


Any suggestions?


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