[Spce-user] Number spoofing.

Anar Agayarov anar at agayarov.com
Thu Mar 24 06:31:33 EDT 2022

Dear colleagues,
I hope you are doing well.
I have a problem with number spoofing.
The situation is that:

Sipwise is receiving calls from an upstream peer and sending them to
FreePBX by SIP subscriber trunk. If the extension is not available, then
the call is forwarded to the cellular number of the extension owner.
FreePBX is using the same Sipwise trunk for outgoing calls.

Problem is that: The cellular number is not getting the original Caller ID,
but receiving Sipwise subscriber number.

I did check with sngrep, FreePBX is sending an original CID to Sipwise, but
Sipwise is changing to the Subscriber's number and sending it to a peer.

Is there any way to make an exception for "spoofing"?
P.S. The instance is working in Canada and this activity is not accounted
as illegal.


Best Regards
Anar Agayarov
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