[Spce-user] SIP trunk IP based authentication

Robert C. Chandler II robert3056519624 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 23 07:17:17 EST 2010


I'm trying to configure a SIP trunk that requires IP-base authentication for 
outbound calls.
The trunk provider requires a prefix (e.g. 7448125#) prepended before each 

For example:
Example: To call NANPA (USA) - +1 444 555 3434, send the call to 
7448125#14445553434 at sip.domain.com
Format for International calls must be Country code followed by number, no 011 
or 00 required.
Example: To call International (France) - +33 1 2872 4434, send the call to 
7448125#33128724434 at sip.domain.com
How would I setup this configuration in the Administrative Web Panel?
- Robert

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