[Spce-user] Two mistakes found

Jon Bonilla jbonilla at sipwise.com
Thu Dec 16 09:40:51 EST 2010

El Thu, 16 Dec 2010 11:31:23 +0100
Daniel Tiefnig <dtiefnig at sipwise.com> escribió:

> On 12/16/2010 07:39 AM, Antonio Pardo wrote:
> > Hi,
> Hi,
> > I found two mistakes reading the handbook.
> Thanks for reporting!
> > First in 'Provisioning interfaces'[1]. I guess that the command for 
> > generate a new user is 'htpasswd -nbs myuser mypassword' and not 
> > 'htpasswd -nbs mypassword myuser'
> Yes, it is. We will fix that.

The documentation has already been updated.

> > Second, the AuthUserFile in 
> > '/etc/ngcp-config/templates/etc/apache2/sites-available/ngcp-ossbss.tt2'
> > I think that always must be
> > 'AuthUserFile /etc/ngcp-ossbss/provisioning.htpasswd' and not
> > 'AuthUserFile /usr/local/etc/provisioning.htpasswd'

New versions of the packages have been uploaded to the repositories. Please
upgrade your systems via apt and execute "ngcpcfg apply" for applying the

You will need to run "apt-get dist-upgrade" for this update because
dependencies have been modified for the ngcp-www-csc package.

Antonio: If you edited the template file, you'll be warned about during the apt
upgrade because it's a config file tha "has been edited by you or by a script".
As good practice, I'd recommed you using "custom templates" for bugfixes, that
you can safely remove when a new version is pushed.



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