[Spce-user] Some questions. (Was Re: Rate problem.)

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Sun Apr 17 16:34:44 EDT 2011

Hi Ramón,

On 04/17/2011 09:24 PM, Ramón Martínez wrote:
> * is there something than LCR between providers? (cant find provider rates for this)

SIP peering is not automatically aligned to your rates, you've to
create/update the peering rules in your peering groups manually.

> * when calling out, my number appears as 34XXXXXX in the remote phone (e164). is there any way to change it to +34XXX or still better only areacode+number?

Use the outbound rewrite rules in your domain settings to do so (see
http://sipwise.com/doc/spce/ar01s03.html#_creating_domains for examples).

> * inbound calls dont send "RING" to remote. only silence until answered.

Your SIP 180/183 replies are relayed end-to-end between the devices. If
they don't send that, they are broken. You could theoretically force the
kamailio in your SPCE to send it, but this would be an ugly hack.

> * in outbound calls, the platform sends a "fake" ring tone. if you are calling a unavailable mobile phone, the operatorvoice message (early media) is not passed thru. is there any way to change that?

See above. That's handled end-to-end between your devices and your
gateways. The SPCE just acts as a proxy.

> * can sipwise authenticate by IP instead of user/password?

Check the DB table kamailio.trusted. This feature is not exposed to the
admin interface yet. Set ip, proto and (optionally) a from pattern, and
set the subscriber UUID in the tag column.

> * posibility of prepaid/postpaid customers?

Postpaid in the SPCE. Prepaid is a feature of the sip:provider PRO only.

> * posibility of online payment?

Also a PRO feature, where integration of Paypal is available.

> * is there any application out there for sending bills to customers based on sipwise CDR?

Also a PRO feature to generate invoices as PDFs, which you can
automatically send by email using a cron job.


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