[Spce-user] Import Billing rate issue ...

Sébastien Cramatte scramatte at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 14:27:09 EDT 2011

2011/8/5 Daniel Tiefnig <dtiefnig at sipwise.com>

> On 08/05/2011 06:18 PM, Sébastien Cramatte wrote:
>> I've got lot of malformed issue but I can't solved it because
>> OSS.log doesn't tell me on which line ...
> You should get an error in the webinterface pointing to the line in the
> file.
NO  ! Only Internal Error Message ...

>  When you export from excel the default separator (at least here in
>>> Spain is) ";" not "," so  I need  to replace  then using text
>>> editor.
> I'm sure you can change the separator in the Excel Export, can't you?

I've got a Mac with Office 2011  and we can't do it  directly from excel
(as far as I know).  Same thing with dot  instead of semi colon. I need to
change global
 system preferences to be able to use "."  as decimal separator.

>  Afterthat  if  "zone" field we have description that include  ","
>>> ... So this "," create a conflict   "," separator.
> Yes, that's what I said already, you need to replace these with
> something else. I'm thinking about switching to quo"ted fields in the
> next release, as this can be annoying sometimes.
Quoted fields would be nice.  Or including better ...  as in phpmyadmin you
can  choose separator  and  if fields are  quoted or not.

As I told before I've prepare rate  from excel.  But some cells content  is
concatenated from others cells  and  it would cool to be able to ignore
some columns.
Concretly I've got  file with more thant 12 columns !  I think that a good
way is to have first line with columns names.

>  Moreover we have got lot destinations which contains  "accents"
>>> and this generate error too.
> This shouldn't happen, if the source file is encoded in UTF-8 correctly.

Yes ! I've just discovered this ... by default excel export as  Windows
Latin 1 ... LF/CF

The easiest way I found is to export as UTF-8 text  with tab separator and
replace tab by ","   (don't ask me whay Microsoft haven't got one option  to
choose separator and encoding on Mac ...)


> br,
> daniel
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