[Spce-user] restrict registration from ip

Jon Bonilla jbonilla at sipwise.com
Wed Aug 10 12:25:51 EDT 2011

El Sun, 07 Aug 2011 17:41:28 +0400
Sergey Babichev <zaikini at yandex.ru> escribió:

> Yes, I want implement a whitelist ips.

You should touch the kamailio configuration to check the source ip address of
the incoming requests (unless they come from a trusted peer) and drop those
requests before sending them to the call or registration routing process.

You could use a database backend (either *sql or dbtext to store those ips) to
make it permanent.

The second way, could be as customization for a sip:provider pro platform. Ask
for a new feature to our sales team (sales at sipwise.com). A whitelist array of
ips for domains or even at subscriber level could be implemented in the
provisioning system and in the routing logic.

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