[Spce-user] SPCE terminate calls after few minutes ....

Jonathan Scott jonathan at xpressamerica.net
Fri Aug 12 15:01:59 EDT 2011

On 8/12/2011 2:44 PM, Jon Bonilla wrote:
> Looks like the kamailio-lb log does not match the sample call of kamailio-proxy
> log.
> Anyways, looks like the session timers are the problem in your case. the call
> last 2:28. The b2bua sends an UPDATE request adn then a BYE is generated. We
> would need to take a look to kamailio-lb logs to see what happened in the other
> side (outside the provider).
> By default, session timers are set to 5 minutes, so the b2bua sends UPDATE
> requests (OR INVITE if UPDATE is not supported) to check the session.
> Please, grep the logs in the loadbalancer to see what happened. Either, you'll
> have to change or disable session timers depending on your UA response to that
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EDIT***Sorry Jon I did it again. I'll try harder to keep it in list.

Oh, that's my mistake. Been a long day. I appreciate the help.
there's the loadbalancer.

All my other devices are experiencing this, I did notice that X-Lite 
does not suffer this problem... infact, X-Lite doesn't seem to suffer 
any problems that all these ATA's and Nortel phones do.

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