[Spce-user] SPCE v2.4 media relay issue

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Fri Dec 23 08:44:20 EST 2011

Hello Jonathan,

On 12/22/2011 10:54 PM, Jonathan Martin wrote:
> “ngcp-mediaproxy-ng-daemon status” tells me that the media relay failed
> to start.  I’ve looked in rtp.log but did not find any errors indicating
> why the media relay failed to start.  If I run
> “ngcp-mediaproxy-ng-daemon restart”, the media relay starts up without
> any error.

You're right, the link in rc2.d to the start script of mediaproxy-ng is
missing in the VMs. Thanks for the report, we'll upload a fixed version

> Once I have the media relay running, I can make a call between two UAs
> on our corporate LAN, but only if the server is also on the corporate
> LAN.  When I put the server on an external public IP, the two UAs on the
> corporate LAN can register with the server but a call cannot be
> initiated.  The callee does not receive any SIP messages indicating an
> incoming call.  The calling UA eventually receives a SIP 408 Request
> Timeout packet from the server.  I’ve looked at the logs but do not see
> why the call is failing.  A nudge in the right direction would be
> greatly appreciated.

Sounds like your NAT is blocking inbound SIP requests. What the SPCE
does is sending SIP OPTION requests to clients which are detected as
NATed every 30sec or so to keep the NAT binding alive. You can check if
these requests are received on the host running your SIP client. If not,
then either the client is not detected to be behind NAT (disable STUN in
the client and/or disable any SIP ALG functionality in your NAT device).
You'll see in the admin panel in the list of registrations if the NAT
flag is on or off.

If your NAT device is nasty and doesn't consider requests from the
outside as NAT refreshes, then you can work around this by lowering your
REGISTER interval to 30 or 60 secs (at least something that is lower
than the NAT timeout on your NAT device).


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