[Spce-user] General questions

Sean Kelly sean at skelly.ca
Wed Feb 9 10:08:49 EST 2011

Hello all,


  Have been playing with CE the past couple of days and have compiled a list
of questions that I've not been able to answer myself.


1.       Is it possible with CE to view CDR's by peer group or peer contract
in www_admin and see how much was spent or where could I pull this info from
in the DB?

2.       I see payment.pm and enable admin for subscriber and payments 1,
though I don't see the option in csc. Is there a special way to enable this?

3.       Can a subscriber have the option to authenticate via IP instead
only of user/pass? If so, what changes would I need to make to enable this.

4.       How would I enable lnp and number.pm in www_admin? I can see the
pages by visiting /name though missing from the menu.

5.       Devices within www_csc shows 'Internal error, please try again
later' and the page is in mostly German.

6.       Is it possible to force a ring-back tone to the callee? Right now
there is silence until the call is connecting to pstn (pap2 test device)



 Excellent product by the way, very well put together. Thanks in advance.




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