[Spce-user] inbound rewrite rules

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Tue Jan 11 13:42:40 EST 2011


> ah, that was it. I had not found that one can set those rules per peer
>  if one clicks on the peer name in the "Peering Server" list (so I
> assumed the domain rules would apply). works fine now, thanks!

Yeah, we're currently working on the usability and look/feel of the
admin panel, so this is something we'll improve also.

> Regarding the peerings, I have a related question: Should those - or at
> least the Peering Rules - not be per domain? If I understand correctly,
> at the moment one can not set a peering for one domain only, is that
> correct? Or do you think that's not necessary because the associated
> E.164 is used primarily anyway (so the voip domain doesn't really matter) ?

What you probably have in mind is defining which peers to use for which
domain. This would be possible by setting the caller pattern to
something like ".+\@your.domain$" (note that the "^" is prefixed
automatically internally) in all your peering rules of that group, so
only calls from the specified domain would be allowed for this peering


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