[Spce-user] Callgroup ability in Sipwise.

Andrew Pogrebennyk andrew.nau.ua at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 11:08:58 EDT 2011


On 02.07.2011 18:04, Henrik Aagaard Sørensen wrote:
> Is it possible to create a group of several subscribers/phonenumbers 
> where the first to pick it up gets the call?

There is no such thing like parallel ringing on _different_ extensions 
in the current version of Spce, not sure about SP Pro. You can register 
multiple phones using the _same_ user/extension though, which all should 
ring in parallel (SIP forking).

Or you can set the conditional call-forward on specific extensions (like 
ring ext. 1001 for X seconds, then forward to 1002). But they will ring 
sequentially not in parallel. You could also register a PBX like 
Asterisk or Freeswitch to provide the simultaneous ringing on the 
customer side.


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