[Spce-user] CE as a VM on VMware server

Rolf Aglaster info at phonebox.de
Thu Mar 24 14:14:41 EDT 2011

I am running a root server with different VMs. One of them is for 
testing purposes on CE. The VMs have a private IP and I use host-only 
networking. A public IP is solely matched to the CE VM.

After some trials I found a way to use a sip trunk for outgoing calls 
and I successfully map an DID to my installation. Now I can call my 
gsm/mobile and I can place calls, so my IP phone rings. But I can not 
establish a bidirectional connection. The call on the DID keeps ringing, 
when I pick up. And I can't hear anything, when calling outbound.

Is there a workaround to fix the mapping of the external to the internal 
IP?  If there is, which configuration files are in need of modifications.

Thanks in advance


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