[Spce-user] Webserver doesn't work on vServer Installation

Rolf Aglaster info at phonebox.de
Fri Mar 25 06:47:29 EDT 2011


after my problems an a VMware virtual machine with NAT, I tried an 
installation on a vServer today.
The installation seems fine on a debina 5.0 64bit naked system.

I can't go on, as the webserver doesn't start. The logs say:

unable to start piped log program '/usr/bin/logger -p daemon.info -t 
csc': Cannot allocate memory
Unable to open logs

Any idea - also i wonder if this in config.yml is correct:

     port: 2443
     serveradmin: support at sipwise.com
     servername: '"myserver"'
     sslcertfile: /etc/apache2/ssl/myserver.crt
     sslcertkeyfile: /etc/apache2/ssl/myserver.pem

thanks and greetings


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