[Spce-user] New: cant figure out some things

Dave Massey dave at optionsdsl.ca
Tue Sep 6 18:21:29 EDT 2011

Im getting into sipwise CE for possible use as a VOIP provider addon to my ISP.

I was able to get it to receive calls OK. but when I try to make calls, my provider says that my SIP TO is wrong, he says Im sending a SIP:905772000 at (where is my IP)  when I should be sending the provider's IP in the TO part.
He also says that the contact header is saying ngcp-lb where it should say the phone number that Im calling from.
And there is no remote party ID either.

here is a log excerpt 

Reply from Outbound - S=403 - Forbidden To F=sip:19056670000 at T=sip:9057720000 at IP= ID=sTOglmQQyiaAvzZKTUAR6LrFoSbsz9XE_b2b-1

The docs arent very clear nor are there any examples available from my provider.

Can anyone help?

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