[Spce-user] Some more questions

Dave Massey dave at optionsdsl.ca
Tue Sep 13 10:38:59 EDT 2011

Ok I had a few more questions about SPCE.
I did have a problem with my provider but a workaround posted to me looks like it fixed the issue, I have no audio yet but I  can work on that later.

What I want to use SPCE for is a residential voice service, not an office PBX.
For call display, when I make a call thru SPCE from my soft phone, it shows up at the other end as a peer ID number (like the account number) on the display, and not the e.164 number in the subscriber configuration page.
My provider assured me I can send a CLID to them and they will pass it through.  
Any ideas?

Again Im still new :)


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