[Spce-user] New: cant figure out some things

Skyler skchopperguy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 04:58:41 EDT 2011

Hello Dave,

On Tue, 2011-09-06 at 18:21 -0400, Dave Massey wrote:
> Im getting into sipwise CE for possible use as a VOIP provider addon to my ISP.
> I was able to get it to receive calls OK. but when I try to make calls, my provider says that my SIP TO is wrong, he says Im sending a SIP:905772000 at (where is my IP)  when I should be sending the provider's IP in the TO part.

 This makes no sense. The TO should be sip:9057720000 at
if that is the domain added in SPCE and the device is registered with.
SPCE would not send sip:9057720000 at if it did, no calls would
work at all and your INVITE would never reach your provider.

 Your provider should be routing by the request URI not the TO in any
case. I have no suggestion for you here, but I've constructed an INVITE
below for you to match with your own. Yours should look exactly the same
and is perfectly normal.

You can paste the INVITE message here by running the below command,
making an outbound call and pasting it to the list.

ngrep -d any -qt -W byline port 5060 > /tmp/outboundtest.txt

> He also says that the contact header is saying ngcp-lb where it should say the phone number that Im calling from.

 The phone number is in the FROM and Contact is just a contact address,
nothing more. They must be used to working with end-user devices.

> And there is no remote party ID either.

I don't see R-PID anywhere in my INVITES, only P-A-I which is fine.
Couldn't know for sure without seeing an INVITE from your box.

> here is a log excerpt 
> Reply from Outbound - S=403 - Forbidden To F=sip:19056670000 at T=sip:9057720000 at IP= ID=sTOglmQQyiaAvzZKTUAR6LrFoSbsz9XE_b2b-1
> The docs arent very clear nor are there any examples available from my provider.
> Can anyone help?

Here is what an INVITE from you to them should look like.

U 2011/09/07 04:23:52.331277 ->
INVITE sip:9057720000 at SIP/2.0.
Max-Forwards: 10.
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKf57d.f6e74992.0.
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKVssPdalO;rport=5080.
From: Dave
<sip:9057720000 at>;tag=57F6B415-4E672A1800034D60-8D868700.
To: <sip:9057720000 at>.
CSeq: 10 INVITE.
Call-ID: c73cfbbd-923d5d6 at
P-Asserted-Identity: <sip:9057720000 at>.
Supported: timer.
Session-Expires: 300.
Min-SE: 90.
Content-Type: application/sdp.
Content-Length: 462.
Contact: <sip:ngcp-lb at>


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