[Spce-user] checktools in config.yml

Jon Bonilla jbonilla at sipwise.com
Tue Sep 13 04:59:00 EDT 2011

El Mon, 12 Sep 2011 11:21:12 -0700
Skyler <skchopperguy at gmail.com> escribió:

>  If you do the web-config thing, could you keep the text option for the
> rest of us? :)

Sure. The web insterface would just load the yml files as backend and use the
existing ngcpcfg commands.

> > Do you think that splitting the file in smaller files by functionality
> > would be a good idea? Having more but easier to manage config files? Or
> > maybe config.basic and config.advanced could be a better aproach to this?
> > Or should we keep one single config file for every option?
> > 
>  Maybe breaking it into sections with comments for the section
> (httpd.conf comes to mind) instead of splitting into separate files.
> Possibly moving things around might be easier for the non-expert by
> having the IP stuff and then www-csc, www-admin, oss/bss...essentially
> placing the most commonly configured portions into a 'basic' section at
> the top and 'advanced' sections at the bottom for kamailio.proxy, sems,
> asterisk etc. Most settings in config.yml are more for advanced use
> anyway, once the csc type stuff is set there's not much need to go back
> in there again unless doing something advanced.

I'd love to have comments in the yml files and order it by sections. The
problem is that our upgrade scripts need to modify the yml files to match the
new release schema. For that, we need to parse the yml file, add/delete/update
the fields and dump it back. In that process, all non yaml content is deleted
(as the comments) and the yml fields are alphabetically sorted. We'll need to
think about this.



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