[Spce-user] checktools in config.yml

Skyler skchopperguy at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 14:21:12 EDT 2011

Hi Jon,

On Mon, 2011-09-12 at 18:10 +0200, Jon Bonilla wrote:
> El Sat, 10 Sep 2011 09:33:57 -0700
> Skyler <skchopperguy at gmail.com> escribió:
> > Hi,
> > 
> >  Wondering what do these do exactly?
> > 
> > checktools:
> >   sip_check_enable: 1
> >   mysql_check_enable: 1
> >   mpt_check_enable: 0
> >   exim_check_enable: 0
> >   kamailio_check_dialog_active_enable: 1
> >   kamailio_check_dialog_early_enable: 0
> >   kamailio_check_usrloc_regusers_enable: 1
> >   kamailio_check_usrloc_regdevices_enable: 0
> >   oss_check_provisioned_subscribers_enable: 1
> > 
> Hi skyler
> There are several checks in the CE and PRO editions to gather stats and draw
> them in the admin panel or export them via snmp (PRO only) for system stats and
> monitoring. 
> These options enable or disable some of these checks. A more complete set of
> checks (and better documented) will be released in next version.

 Ah, ok. That makes sense now.

> This brings me to mind a question I've been asking to some clients and I'd like
> also your opinion about this:
> Is config.yml file too big or too complex? Having a unique and central point of
> configuration seems a good aproach for non-expert people but each release this
> file becomes more and more complex and bigger. In the long-term roadmap there's
> a web fromtend planned for all these configuration options, not only for the
> high-level options present in the provisioning system. But for the next
> release, we'll keep the text-only aproach.
 Personally, I prefer to have everything in one spot so text-only is
fine for me. Depends on the objectives and the target user though I
suppose. IMO web panels are more for using the system than configuring
it. sip:provider is put together well because it has an API and the
ability to customize/integrate into existing environments. That said,
personally the addition of web-config ability would only force me to go
out of my terminal into a browser to make a change that reflects in the
integration I'd be working on. Then possibly have to figure out how to
add customizations to that too. Whereas with the text version its easy
to add custom config options that coincide with my additions into any
portion of SPCE.
 If you do the web-config thing, could you keep the text option for the
rest of us? :)

> Do you think that splitting the file in smaller files by functionality would be
> a good idea? Having more but easier to manage config files? Or maybe
> config.basic and config.advanced could be a better aproach to this? Or should
> we keep one single config file for every option?
 Maybe breaking it into sections with comments for the section
(httpd.conf comes to mind) instead of splitting into separate files.
Possibly moving things around might be easier for the non-expert by
having the IP stuff and then www-csc, www-admin, oss/bss...essentially
placing the most commonly configured portions into a 'basic' section at
the top and 'advanced' sections at the bottom for kamailio.proxy, sems,
asterisk etc. Most settings in config.yml are more for advanced use
anyway, once the csc type stuff is set there's not much need to go back
in there again unless doing something advanced.

> Thanks for your comments,
 My pleasure, thanks for releasing a great product.


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