[Spce-user] Peer billing?

Daniel Tiefnig dtiefnig at sipwise.com
Tue Sep 27 12:29:25 EDT 2011

On 09/27/2011 05:57 PM, Skyler wrote:
> If I copy the get_voip_account_fees() sub and make my own then add
> the appropriate entry in Sipwise::Provisioning::Billing::DB will that
> be enough to make it available in the API for testing or is there
> other entries somewhere else I'll need to add?

If you do a
   grep -r get_voip_account_fees .
in /usr/share/perl5/Sipwise, you will find some more mentions.

You'll need to add the new function to authorize_admin() in
./Provisioning/Billing.pm to allow access for administrators (extending
the elsif() with the "get_voip_account_fees" function seems
appropriate). And to ./Provisioning/backends/XMLRPC/Billing.inc.pm and
also ./Provisioning/backends/SOAP/Billing.inc.pm to export the function

Then you will find the "get_voip_account_fees" function also in
./Provisioning/backends/SOAP/Provisioning.wsdl which describes the
interface. If you want to use it, you'll also have to add it there.


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