[Spce-user] Subscriber upper registration

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Mon Apr 23 20:25:52 EDT 2012

Hello all,

I've been evaluating SPCE as a possible alternative to Brekeke SIP
proxy. Currently Brekeke is sitting in front of our hosted Asterisk
servers providing NAT traversal for clients behind NAT.

I would like SIP clients to register to SPCE and then have SPCE
register on their behalf  (upper registration)  to one of our asterisk
servers. (peer).

I am trying to accomplish this by entering the relavant info on the
subsciber preferences tab: "peer_auth_user" "peer_auth_pass"
"peer_auth_realm": and then checking "peer_auth_register". Whenever I
try and submit the information, I get an error saying "Internal error,
please try again later."

What am I doing wrong?



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