[Spce-user] new and confused

Kevin Bushong kbushong at appriss.com
Thu Aug 9 10:19:20 EDT 2012

I am completely new to Sipwise and have just installed the CE version, although I have many years of Asterisk experience.  I am planning to use CE as a replacement PBX for our current Asterisk installation.  Would CE make a good replacement?

Everything was going along fine until I got to Rewrite rules.  Maybe I'm a little slow (I hope I'm kidding) but I'm just not getting the hang of the rules.  First, am I correct in understanding that the rewrite rules are essentially the rules that allow calls in and out of the box?  Also, am I correct that inbound and outbound are from the CE box perspective?

I live in the US and I understand that everything is based on E.164 so the rewrite rules are just rules to add digits or subtract digits to what ever was dialed, correct?   My ultimate goal is to allow users to dial 4 digits for internal extensions, 7 digits for a local call, and 10 digits for an LD call.  Are there any other docs that go into more detail on how the Rewrite rules work?  Are the rules based on standard REGEX rules?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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