[Spce-user] suddenly some inbound calls start failing

Matthew Ogden matthew at tenacit.net
Thu Aug 16 04:28:36 EDT 2012

I see sercmd doesn't have htable.remove?

How would i delete entries from the ipban list of the hash table?

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On 07/31/2012 09:54 AM, Pablo Muñoz-Cobo Higón wrote:
> Hi everything was working fine till suddenly not in every subscriber
> in some of them, an increasing as long as the time passes started
> failing the inbound calls. I send ngrep-sip of the call and kamailio
proxy log.
> Hope You Can tell me what's going on.

>From the infos you provided I've no idea what's the scenario you're trying
to solve and what's going on, but there are two (different) things I can

1. User "wisi4 at" gets blocked and banned during Registration,
either because it floods the system with too many requests, or because it
fails to authenticate and tries too often. Check it with "ngcp-sercmd lb
htable.dump auth" and "ngcp-sercmd lb htable.dump ipban".

2. The trace you attached says "404 Not found", or more precisely the
Invite being sent to sip:951057100 at is rejected with 404,
so the user 951057100 at doesn't seem to exist on this "Epygi
Quadro SIP User Agent/v5.3.3 (MIDIGW)" server/gateway (if it's a PSTN
gateway, then maybe the number you're sending is incorrect).


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