[Spce-user] querying options for another SIP user

Matthew Ogden matthew at tenacit.net
Thu Aug 30 08:51:58 EDT 2012

Hi Guys,

When I register to SP:CE and send an options for a user that does OR does
NOT exist, I always get an 200 Alive response.

I read here http://www.rfc-ref.org/RFC-TEXTS/3261/chapter11.html that if
you dont specify maxforwards or if it is zero the server may reply itself.
But I set it to 20, and I’m still getting Alive responses from the server
even for a user that doesn’t exist.

It’s worth mentioning, I’m playing around in anticipation of using the new
SIP/SIMPLE items provided later on too.

What should I be expecting from SP:CE in terms of OPTIONS?

Skyler mentioned that from the server side itself “This can be handled by
OPTIONS ping to the AOR. If no reply, then have a script run via
exec_msg()”, but which would scale better if I am trying to get this to a
different server? I figure that it would be less overhead for the SP:CE to
do it via options to subscribers than running a webservice on failure?

Kind Regards
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